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Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision to follow Christ

This ceremony symbolizes the death and burial of the old life devoted to sin, to re-emerge in the newness of life with Jesus. If you desire to follow the Lord’s command of baptism, we are excited to support you.


Make The Chapel in Wadsworth your home

Church membership isn’t about being in a social club. It’s about committing to a local body of believers in Jesus Christ who seek to serve, care for each other, pray, learn, and advance God’s kingdom together. We’re thrilled that you are considering The Chapel as your home church.


Because Christ first loved us

Why serve others? Because Jesus served us first. When our hearts overflow with our love for Him and our gratitude for what He has done, we are compelled to respond. Reaching out to others, through acts of service, is one way that we can live out our love for God and our love for His people. Join a volunteer team and experience the joy of selfless service as you make a difference for God’s Kingdom.

Community Groups

Growing Together in Faith

Discover the power of fellowship in our Community Groups. By connecting with others who share your faith, you’ll find support, encouragement, and opportunities to grow in your relationship with God. In these welcoming groups, we come together to pray, study God’s Word, and engage in meaningful discussions that deepen our understanding of Scripture.